HCA FruitPerhaps you’re one of the millions of Americans that struggles with their weight and finding the right solution to battle the bulge. With endless options, it can be a discouraging task sorting through diet plans and supplement facts to determine which one is right for you.

Dieters and doctors alike have long wished for a remedy that could inhibit an individual’s desire to over-eat and block fat from storing in the body.

Some products on the market today have produced results that have given this result to some degree but the health risks and side effects associated with it have made it undesirable from a personal and medical stand point. What dieters and doctors didn’t know until recently is that such a product does exist and better yet, it’s straight from Mother Nature herself.


HCA EXTRACT has been added to meals in Southeast Asia for centuries as a way to bring on a feeling of fullness and inhibit over-eating. Although the extract has been used for hundreds of years in certain countries, its popularity in America has seen recent and dramatic growth as more dieters have heard of the powerful supplement and the astonishing results it brings.


HCA stands for hydroxycitric acid and is extracted from the rind of the small, tropical fruit, garcinia cambogia.  Once extracted from the rind, it serves as an effective dietary supplement that has been shown to suppress appetite and block the storage of fat in the body. In addition to its weight loss purposes, it has also been used in traditional Hindu medicine for the treatment of stomach disorders, rheumatism, intestinal worms and more.


HCA works in two different ways to help with weight loss.

  1. The natural extract is proven to increase the levels of serotonin, which is known as the “feel good” chemical in the brain. Not only does the increased level of serotonin assist in appetite control, results also suggest that those who consume HCA may experience better sleep and increased energy.
  2. HCA is shown to slow the process of storing fat in the body by inhibiting the enzyme, citrate lyase, which is the essential enzyme that turns carbohydrates into fat. The result of this is the body’s inability to make fat available for cellular storage. Because of this, it is believed that the body in turn burns the extra carbs (also known as carbohydrate oxidation).
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There have been countless studies conducted on HCA and there are no known negative effects thus far. When choosing a supplement that is best for you, not only are results important, but also the condition of your health and well being. There is little to no expressed concern with HCA since it is extracted from a natural fruit and has had many known health benefits for centuries.  However, pregnant and breast feeding women, as well as any individual taking medication should first consult their doctor before taking a supplement of any kind.


The natural extract has been used for many sicknesses and diseases in other areas of the world. In Southeast Asia, it was commonly used for menstrual issues, rheumatism, intestinal worms, removing toxins and more.  In recent studies conducted with rats, research showed that appetite was controlled in the animals, as well as suggesting that the extract may be beneficial for insomnia, migraines, depression, and serotonin-deficient conditions. For more information on this study, please visit US National Library of Medicine at

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